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        Aggregation: Aggregation may refer to uses in: Business and economics: Aggregation problem Purchasing aggregation, the joining of multiple purchasers in a group purchasing organization to increase their buying power Community Choice Aggregation, the joining of geographically contiguous communities to bypass a conventional energy utility monopoly and seek a greener energy serviceComputer science and telecommunication: Aggregate function, a type of function in data processing Aggregation, a form of object composition in object-oriented programming Link aggregation, using multiple Ethernet network cables/ports in parallel to increase link speed Packet aggregation, joining multiple data packets for transmission as a single unit to increase network efficiency Route aggregation, the process of forming a supernet in computer networking Aggregation, a process by which Australian country television markets were combined in the late 1980s and 1990s; see Regional television in AustraliaNatural sciences and statistics: Aggregation of soil granules to form soil structure Particle aggregation, direct mutual attraction between particles (atoms or molecules) via van der Waals forces or chemical bonding The accumulation of platelets to the site of a wound to form a platelet plug or a thrombus Flocculation, a process where a solute comes out of solution in the form of floc or flakes Overdispersion or statistical aggregation, where the variance of a distribution is higher than which we expect.

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